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Jaspreet Mohan Singh

Artist's Statement

Jaspreet Mohan Singh is artist and Retired Principal. He got many awards on national and international platforms.

Every human being, living on this planet belonging to any religion, race or creed understands the language of images . That’s why  I, Jaspreet Mohan Singh, as an artist think that the art of painting is most effective of all arts to express ourselves. I have come to the conclusion that this medium not only good to express one’s feelings but also to give vent to one’s creative urge. In today’s turbulent world where there is so much insecurity, the only way to educate people is to be creative. creativity being contagious inspires people to be constructive ,loving and full of positive energy. this in turns make this planet worth living. The path is long but the artist has to be courageous and creative towards his responsibilities for the society.

Being a sensitive artist, when I paint I feel moments of pure blissfulness. Colours become the carriers of my ideas on the surface of canvas . My paintings are bold and abstract using bright colors for my compositions.  The abstractions carry a deep hidden meanings and perceptions changes from person to person. The underlying theme is an upsurge towards perfection which is the ultimate goal of any human being.  Each painting is a discovery to enrich and express myself and feel great sense of gratification. 

I prefer to work in series. There are certain situations and ideas which impose themselves so much that it becomes hard to come out of them immediately. So it becomes a series of a particular style or idea to get rid from it. Then I switch over to random Subjects temporarily only to return to my main track. My series ‘UPSURGE’ is an example of that.

“UPSURGE” is a step further in  my journey of this series which depicts joy, enthusiasm, positivity and human urge to rise, May be in terms of worldly success or spiritual upliftment. In any case the urge to go ahead is required, there should be an inner drive and a grit to achieve whatever one intends to. Here is another shade of upsurge where you come across a strong impulse to rise up and intensity of the cause. The painting is self-explanatory in its expression.


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All the works are available. For any query, please contact us
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